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Mirror’s Edge: A Visual Analysis

Exploring the commonly misunderstood visual design of the seminal freerunning game.

Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall Supercut

How quicksaving changes the game DIshonored.

Nolimits 2 Materials IV: Specular Mapping

how to create good specular maps

Nolimits 2 Materials III: Emission Mapping

Use custom shading to create emissive materials

Nolimits 2 Materials II: Advice on Texture Sizing

The importance of using a consistent texture density

Nolimits 2 Materials I: Specularity and the Shading model

How specular light works and how to choose the right parameters for your materials

iPhone 5C: Gorgeous, cynical and heartless

I feel a preface is required; The iPhone 5C is Gorgeous. It’s also been well received by mainstream critics, with average reviews hovering around the 8/10 or 4 star mark. That’s a pretty amazing achievement for a phone that will soon be dropping into the mid-range market in terms of hardware specs. Unsurprisingly, there’s a […]

Battlefield 3: Realistic Fun Simulator

I must confess, I was never really interested in the Battlefield series. Despite being having the marketing potential of its publisher EA, it managed to stay under my radar for many years, as it was for most intents and purposes a niche title. Truly a hipster Call of Duty, it was a modern military shooter […]

Gaming for Cheapos – Ghost Recon Online

This summer I’m attempting to play mostly Free to Play (F2P) video games. These articles will be my impressions, opinions and experience on the matter. And of course, as the best judge of a F2P game, I tell you if I was happy enough with the game to pay for premium content. Second game is […]